April 3, 2012

My Favorite Inspirational Quote #HAWMC Day 2

Today's (well, yesterday's)  WEGO writer's challenge is to free write about a quote that inspires us, but limit the writing session to 15 minutes.

For many years, my favorite quote has been one from Henry Ford:
Coming together is a beginning; 
keeping together is progress; 
working together is success.

I can apply this to so many different areas of my life. As it relates to health, the "Power of a Group" is a term that comes to mind. The power of groups is amazing. I see it with our running club every weekend. Bringing people together to work towards a common goal important from a support perspective. You're not alone in your triumphs and lows. You have accessible and understanding 'sound boards', resources, maybe a shoulder to cry on (in joyous and low-spirited times).

Coming Together is a Beginning
Building on Day 1's theme of being an inspiration to others - it is that same inspiration you can use to bring people together with a common goal; whether that goal is to train for a half marathon or commit to eating healthier. A group is more likely to be successful at reaching a goal because everyone wants to be part of the success.

Keeping Together is Progress
Trust in others doesn't come always come quickly. Dedication to the 'cause' also comes to mind with this part of the phrase. Groups that stay together requires some level of commitment from each of it's members. Dedication, trust and commitment come with time. Keeping together is progress because anyone can form a group of members with a common interest - it's maintaining that circle of support that can take everyone to the next level.

Working Together is Success
Success doesn't come without hard work. Your common interest group has come together; they're keeping together because they have trust in their group members. "I can be honest here without being judged". Each person contributes in their own way but it takes 'work' from everyone to achieve the goal. In my running club example, getting across the finish line takes work. But it's the work the group does together during the training sessions that gives them the confidence that the goal is not only within reach, it's in sight and they're about to cross that finish line!

Honestly, I'm not terrible happy with this post. I struggled with it last night, thinking "it's only 15 minutes". Free writing with a time limit is a real challenge for me. I hope you find inspiration in this quote - regardless of my under-developed thoughts here!

Please feel free to share yours with some brief statements about why it inspires you!

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