October 12, 2011

Shoe Review: Nike LunarGlide +3 (Women's)

If you've been anxiously waiting for Nike to release their newest version of the Lunar Glide, it's here! Rest assured, this IS the same shoe you already love with a few upgrades and minor specification changes. Finally, a new shoe model that doesn't take away from the comfort or love you have for your older model!! Woo hoo!!! I must be dreaming!

The Overview
The ride is as smooth as ever. When I run in the early morning hours before the sun comes up and the morning commute begins, I can barely hear my feet touch the pavement; as if I'm literally gliding across the pavement. The cushioning rocks. The customizable arch support and sturdy but responsive medial heel support is ideal for midfoot/forefoot plantars looking for added stability to support overpronation. Just what I need for recovery runs after long runs in my Pearl Izumi Streak II's. I find that the LG +3's provide some relief for my feet and my lower body after spending hours on the road in the much less supportive/cushioned and neutral PI Streak II.  
Buy this shoe a 1/2 size up - this was also true of the LG +2 for me. These are the only shoes I have to wear a 9 in. If you currently run in the LG +2 and they have a lot of life left in them, by no means should you ditch them for the newer model! Unless of course, you simply must have a 2nd pair you can start rotating in. I mean, eventually you'll just absolutely have to have them, right?

The stack height has not changed with a 30mm heel and 18mm forefoot for a heel drop of 12mm. The LG +3 is slightly lighter. A women's size 8 LG +2 weighed in at 11 ounces. The same size LG +3 is 9.6 ounces. I'm going to say I can feel the difference - but you know how it goes..... "If you believe it's true, it is for you"!

Liners provide ample arch support for Medium to Low arches. This being said, I have high arches and still feel great given how thin the liners are. However, I believe this is due to the customizable arch support which actually relies on the laces!

Customized arch support
The LG +3 has an even more customized feel to it with the addition of the midfoot strap ( pulls up and in from the bottom of the shoe, not the side). I do feel a difference in how the LG +3 is conforming to my foot relative to the LG +2.

The LG +2 does not have this added feature:

Toe Box Width
As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, I absolutely LOVE the fact that the LG +3 doesn't deviate from what I already love about my LG +2's. However, if toe box width is a known issue with your feet, the LG +3 has a slightly narrower toe box at it's widest point. A friend of mine was not able to comfortably wear the +3's even though she loved her +2's due to this change. I definitely recommend trying these shoes out for a couple of weeks! Buy them through a retailer or distributor that will take back slightly used shoes in case the toe box change isn't a good fit for you.

At it's widest point in the toe box, the LG +3 is about a half inch narrower.
No diff in length (vertical) of toe box as measured from the top of the laces (3 1/8 inches - not pictured); 
Almost identical toe box width near the top of the shoes.

Reliability, Mileage and Comparative Pictures
As an aside, at the time these pix were taken, the LG 2's have 350 miles on them and the LG 3's have 40. Not only are these shoes good lookin',  the LG +2's have been reliable and haven't lost an ounce of comfort or stability. I expect to get at least another 100 miles out of them and that is about 75 more than I've gotten from other stability shoes I've owned.

Lateral view
Medial view
The LG +3 sits slightly lower on the back of the heel compared to the LG +2.

Both models have thicker, more durable foam on the inside of the shoe for added support for overpronators.
Both models have superior medial heel support.

Yes my sweet kitty Gary, I agree with your choice. :-)

The Verdict
You can hear and see Nike's schpiel here (it's actually quite interesting to see the technology behind the shoe design), but my bottom line is that this one comfortable, light, dynamically supportive shoe that fits my foot like a pillowy glove. While 8 miles is the longest run I've gone in the LG +3's, I have run up to 14.5 miles in the LG +2's so I expect the +3's will feel just as great on longer runs. I'm in all the way!

I do recommend transitioning into any Lunar Glides slowly. Many women who I know that have tried to move into these shoes full time right out of the box have knee, hip and arch pain. For ideas on how to successfully transition into these shoes from heavier, thicker stability shoes (such as the Asics Kayano line), please read my LG+2 review to see how I did it. 

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