September 28, 2011

Taking the Long Way Home and a Cirque World Premier Partaaaay!

Well, I did it. The last long run before the Nike Women's Marathon is behind me. I mapped out a 22 mile route but ended up going a little over 24 because I was daydreaming about what a great time I was having and missed a critical turn to get out of the hills. Oops.

Here is the elevation profile from my long run. I was sure to get plenty of hill work in and I was able to maintain my goal pace of 11:30 min/mile. Even more exciting is that I ran the entire distance in my PI Streak II's! I can't wait to share my review of these shoes!

I was careful to time my fuel intake, and I think I've finally got a good combination of different carb sources that won't upset my GI tract: Roctane, Clif Shot Blocks, 2nd Surge and Power Gel. I am going to back off more during this taper period than I did for Grandma's by cutting my mileage and slowing down. My only goal for this race is to have a great time and take lots of pictures along the way - and of course the icing on the cake - to see hubby waiting for me at the finish line!

Later on this day, hubby and I drove into Hollywood for the World Premier of the new Cirque Du Soleil show, IRIS, at the Kodak Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. Hubs works for the Operations department so we were invited to the World Premier event and after party! The celebs saw the 5pm show and the cast, crew and their family members saw the 9pm show (well, some of the cast and crew weren't in the audience since they still had a show to put on). :-)  It is phenomenal.

Any time Hollywood Blvd is shut down for several days, you know something big is happening in the Entertainment world.  This is the same place where the Academy Awards are held every year.  Here are a few shots of the construction of this massive tent for the after party. Hubby's brother was part of the art design construction crew.

The Set Up:

The After Party!
Proof you can run an LSD and wear 3 inch heels on the same day

Our DJ for the night. Super cool lasers controlled the trax.

No celebration is complete without a little bubbly

This guy's a keeper.

We were also celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary! I love you baby! 

Thank you for a GREAT night - Hollywood style!


Pam Burns said...

Wow you guys clean up nicely! Love John's new haircut!!

Mike said...

Great run Vera! Hope to see you at the Marathon, my wife is running too. The premier looks like it was really cool also!

Johann said...

Happy Anniversary! You must have been feeling really well to make your long run longer by accident. You will do so well in the marathon.

Terry said...

Hi Vera,
It was really nice to meet you at the party the other night. I had a few questions but didn't think the party wad the right place to quiz you :)
I am interested in re vibran five finger shoes and after some limited research into barefoot running and walking I feel there is a lot of possible benefits from these shoes. I wanted to ask you what your thoughts on them are-is there actual benefits to them and are they worth it? or is it just a gimmick or fad that is just preying on people's ignorance?...being a life-long acrobat and martial artist my feet are pretty conditioned but my arches are pretty much non-existent so I also wanted to ask if these shoes would still be a good idea?...any thoughts or suggestions are most welcomed...