August 28, 2013

Yummy Vegan Summer Salads!

This past weekend I tried a couple of new recipes from the Vegan Mainstream Cookbook Club I've been participating with for a few weeks. There is already a new recipe challenge posted for this week but I haven't gotten to it yet!

Last week, Ricki Heller was the featured chef for the Google+ Hangout Live Chat. One of the recipes posted was a Roasted Potato Salad with Avocado Pesto. I didn't have every item the recipe required but I think my substitutions worked well - hubby and I ate the whole batch over a 2.5 day period!

These were my substitutions and revisions (Note: this is not the entire recipe - only my additions/revisions!):

2 sweet potatoes (recipe only called for 1)
2 c. cubed celeriac (instead of adding 2 red potatoes - lower carb option )
1/2 medium white onion (I didn't have green onions)

1/2 avocado (instead of a whole avocado - lower fat option)
2 tsp dried basil (I didn't have enough fresh basil)
2 T fresh parsley
1 T cashew 'cheese' (homemade by me - add to increase the creaminess of the dressing since I wasn't using a very soft avocado and only used 1/2 the recommended amount)

This is what the dish looked like in the end:

The next salad I tried really blew my mind from a food pairing perspective: Grilled Peach, Courgette & Walnut Salad.  First I had to look up what a courgette was because, from the picture, it looked like a regular 'ole zucchini. And it was! :-) Easy to find...and even easier to cook!

For color, I added some yellow squash. I didn't measure the parsley and mint exactly. I used closer to 1/4 c of the parsley and 3 T. of fresh mint. I also added 2-3 T of cilantro.  I just loved how the texture of the peaches and zucchini went together and let me tell you how wonderful those grilled peaches tasted. YUM! I think I'll try adding a little more fresh mint to this recipe next time (but I really love mint - this may be plenty for most cooks!).

Our Sunday lunch was now complete!!!:

I'm already looking forward to making both of these salads again!

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