August 7, 2013


Last night, while I was cooking dinner, I participated in a FitFluential #BeAmazing Twitter chat that was sponsored by Women's Running Series. Over the course of 1 hour, readers/Tweeters were encouraged to respond to 10 questions. As a result of my participation, I won a free entry to any 2013/2014 Women's Running Series events!! WOO HOO!! :-D  I chose the February Half Marathon in San Diego because it is the closest to me geographically.

What was I cooking? A stir fry with these delicious morsels: and a little brown rice, fresh bok choy and a purple bell pepper right out of my weekly CSA box. Tuesday is our weekly pick up day. YUM!

On the subject of our local CSA program..... I was interviewed on camera yesterday by the coordinator when I arrived to pick up our box. Underwood Farms is putting together a little documentary/promotional video for their CSA program and I wanted to show my support! After all, I did switch to this program after a disappointing trial period with Farm Fresh to You. Not only is the produce fresher with Underwood, it is truly supporting a LOCAL farming program. One of the farms I visit is quite literally a 15 minute drive from my house. Yes, Farm Fresh to You delivered to our doorstep but I'm so much happier with the variety and quality from Underwood that I think I can handle driving less than a mile to the home where our local pick up location is! I'm not very comfortable being on camera and I almost bailed out of it completely but I'm so glad I did it. If I have a way of posting the final video here when it's released, I will!

In other cooking news, I also participated in my very first Google Hangout last night. This is a once a week, 30 minute "hangout" for the Vegan Mainstream Cookbook Club community. It was awesome! I'm so excited to learn and share recipes with other home cooks. There are also professionals spotlighted and in attendance each week. Next Tuesday, Dreena Burton, will be the guest chef. I really love her cookbook "Let Them Eat Vegan". This week's Hangout was a Kick Off session. Only the 2 moderators were on camera. The remaining 300+ community members in attendance communicated via live chat by posting comments. The theme for the month is Fresh Herbs and for this week, every one is sharing their favorite smoothie recipe. Some chefs include herbs like rosemary and basil in their smoothies. Sounds delicious! I can't wait to try some new recipes this week!

My legs have been feeling pretty trashed this week and I've been frustrated with the slow recovery from our 20-miler last Saturday. Rather than try to run for a 3rd day in a row today (aside from 1-mile to keep the run streak going of course!), I tried a new online spinning workout from Spark People. One of my Dailymile friends turned me on to the site. I bought a spin bike about 18 months ago and while I like to jump on and do my own thing, I find that with activities other than running, I like to be a Follower! It seems more motivating to me. Does anyone else experience this too? Anyway, I tried the 25 minute "Stationary Biking Intervals" for beginners. The intermediate and advanced programs are similar in structure, but higher in intensity and longer in duration. Let me tell you, sweat was dripping off my face like a running water faucet  after the first 10 minutes. I loved every second. I followed it up with 40 push-ups and was ready to start my work day! I'd really like to fit in 2 of these sessions every week. I think it will be easier to motivate myself to do it now that I have some help with the workout structure from Spark People. Cool!!

Happy Cooking, Happy Training, Happy Life!
Vera :-)

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