April 21, 2012

My Health Madlib - Spiritual Shoe's Spiritual Shoes #HAWMC Day 21 @wegohealth

Daily promptHealth Madlib Poem. Fun with parts of speech! Today’s prompt is inspired by the classic game – and poetry – put together. A website I love to visit for writing prompts (when I want to push myself to be creative) is Language is a Virus. They have a few fun tools – one of which is a poem generator: http://languageisavirus.com/cgi-bin/madlibs.pl. You enter any words you want and they automatically fill the words into a classic poem.

With a little help from ESLDesk.com (because it's hard to come up with 21 verbs, 25 nouns, 9 adverbs and 3 adjectives at 5:00am!). Here is the "raw" poem, as it was auto-generated by the website, with no editing from me. Can I just say up front that I fell in love with the title immediately?!?! Are you kidding me? I want that to be the title of my autobiography when I grow up. :-)

spiritual Shoes's spiritual Shoes

     affectionately i have never Running, believably beyond
 any Feet, your Runners have their peaceful:
 in your most active Street are things which Inspire me,
 or which i cannot Accentuate because they are too enthusiastically

   your pink look remarkably will unBalance me
 though i have Refocus myself as Race,
 you Smooth always Ocean by Ocean myself as Friend Visualize
 (Simulateing safely, wondrously) her changeable Spouse

   or if your Love  be to Accept me, i and
 my Belief will Walking very joyfully, optimistically,
 as when the Brain of this Feet Cooking
 the Thoughts mindfully everywhere Talkinging;

   nothing which we are to Moving in this Flowers Eating
 the Trail of your enthusiastic Shirt: whose phone
 Drinking me with the cat of its Internet,
 Awakeing Magazine and Vegetarians with each Rideing

   (i do not Play what it is about you that Overtake
 and Motivate; only something in me Sleep
 the Pen of your Runners is satisfying than all Friend)
 Paper, not even the Music, has such kind Sun

 - Vera & e.e. cummings 

I love it, love it, love it! With today's prompt, it was also suggested that while Madlibs aren't necessarily made to make sense, we can edit the poem to sound more like "me" and maybe add or a subtract a word or two. I don't want to do too much editing because the way it is now, it leaves so much room for interpretation; seeming completely nonsensical but in a philanthropic sort of way? 

I mean, honestly, "In your most active street are things which inspire me"? My theme for each of my posts for this writer's challenge has been about inspiration. About being the example. About getting healthy and bringing others along for the ride. I relate that specific phrase to our Galloway running group. We create active streets every Saturday morning and our members are in the inspiration, to each other and to those who see them from their cars, front porches and restaurant tables. Now for the slightly edited version:

Spiritual Shoes's Spiritual Shoes

    Affectionately I have never attempted running, Believably beyond
 any feet, your runners have their peaceful stride:
 in your most active street are things which inspire me,
 or which I cannot accentuate because they are enthusiastically moving

   your pink look remarkably will unbalance me
 though i have to refocus myself as I would to succeed,
 you tranquil, always ocean by ocean, myself as your friend, visualize
 (Simulateing safely, wondrously) her changeable ways

   or if your love be to accept me, I and
my belief will walk very joyfully, optimistically,
 as when the thought of this feat infused
 the thoughts mindfully everywhere talking;

   all which we are moving in this oasis
 the trail of your enthusiastic shirt: whose call
 follows me with each step I take,
 Awakening Mind and Souls with each step

   (i do not say what it is about you that overtakes
 and motivates; only something in me
 the imprint of your runners is satisfying than all others )
 Listen, not even the music, has such a kind sun

 - Vera & e.e. cummings 

 I think I could sit here and drive myself crazy trying to get this poem to make sense, but it is supposed to be a Madlib, so here's where my editing ends... and my Saturday night begins!

Happy Training!

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