May 10, 2011

Toughing it out

I think it's temporary, but I'm having a case of the blah's. Only 5 Saturdays until race day. I have got to keep pushing through what I think might be the beginning of feeling burnt out with this intense training schedule. Intense for me anyway.  With mounting work stress and other non-running related issues happening around me, it's hard not feel wiped out.

Step 1 - Recognize the symptoms.
Step 2 - Actually rest on rest days and slow the heck down a couple of days of week.
Step 3 - Tough it out. You're almost there!

I had a killer set of 12 x1-mile repeats on Sunday at a pace that is only about 24 seconds slower than my half marathon PR pace. That may seem do-able, but after 2 months of 150+ miles and most recently two 45-mile weeks in a row culminating with a marathon-distance LSD, my legs are tired and the not-so-good feeling runs feel worse than "meh". More like a 2 out 5 on the Enjoyment scale. One more very long run on the 22nd and then the taper begins. I'll need an attitude adjustment before that starts or I will drive myself (and the hubby) absolutely crazy. Thank goodness for our Galloway training group members who lift my spirits and inspire me to keep going every week.

And what is up with all this EATING? I know I haven't trained this hard for this long in the past so I am on a learning curve (aren't we all?), but I'm having 3-4 days a week when I just cannot seem to satisfy my hunger! I've gained a few pounds while running more in my life than I ever have. Yeah yeah yeah - I know I'm putting on muscle, storing more glycogen which brings in even more water into my muscles, adding to this self-perceived weight problem of mine. My clothes all the fit the same. It's just that damn scale. I'm in a Recovery week this week which is absolutely perfect timing. No long runs, no speed work, no hills. Just nice and easy all week. Hopefully I'll drop a couple of pounds. Heck, if it was 5, that would be 5 less pounds to have to carry with me for 26.2 miles!!!!

I felt a tiny pop in my right hip walking up the stairs in our house yesterday. Now it's sore and clicking. I ran in the performance shoes I'm testing for my 60 minute run today which probably didn't help much. Maybe I'll stick with the Lunar Glides and the 2160's this week. I'm racing this weekend in the Santa Monica Classic 10K. As long as my hip is feeling better, I really want to try to PR in the test shoes! Most importantly though, I need to keep my eye on the long term goal. PR at Grandma's! Stay healthy so I can enjoy the Nike Women's Marathon!

In really fun news, we have another Galloway group starting up this week. Most of these members will be running in the Disneyland Half Marathon. Our kick off meeting is tomorrow night!

I do see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's a big LED clock with my marathon goal finishing time on it!!! Almost there, almost there.....

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Gaby Hermida said...

Aw, honey, i know the feeling.. But it will pass :) About the scale, it is evil!! throw it away! As long as your clothes feel fine, you are good to go. I hope you feel better, Hugs xo