October 29, 2010

Attack of the Inserts Pt.2 - Sorbothane President Responds!

In an interesting follow up to what is now one of my most read blogs (Attack of the Inserts), I received an email from the president of Sorbothane yesterday regarding my analysis/evaluation of the Sorbothane Ultra Work/Sport Insole. While he states my evaluation was appreciated and fair, he has also asked for a second chance and will be sending me 2 other types of inserts to try out. And who among us hasn't wanted and appreciated a 2nd or maybe even a 3rd chance in certain situations?

So thank you Mr. Church for your email and for caring enough about your company and the products you produce to reach out to those who have not had a favorable experience. I look forward to putting these inserts to the "IT band" test!

TGIF my friends! 1 week to Marathon #2!!!!


Michael Huang said...

I hope Mr. Crunch continues to follow your evaluation, Vera. I will try them if you give it a thumbs up. :-)

Johann said...

This is great, I'll be waiting for your review.