August 5, 2010

Can't find your HR monitor strap? Elastic Headbands!

I am pretty serious about running, and especially about my gear. I have to know where everything is, even if I'm not going to be using it any time soon. I use a Polar HR monitor with our treadmill, and the Garmin one of course for outdoor runs with the watch. As we all know, the straps are literally dripping with sweat by the end of a run. I usually toss them in the shower with me and hang 'em over a towel rack to dry out.  Well, I lost the Polar one. I've looked everywhere. Yesterday, I was fired up for my Jillian Michael's treadmill workout, but I wanted to monitor my HR since she usually pushes me to close to my predicted max heart rate and I like to know what my body feels like at different intensities (more biofeedback for me!). Even though I had no time constraints what-so-ever, I started freaking out when I went to look for my Garmin HR monitor (I was just going to wear the watch for HR monitoring only), and it wasn't where it was supposed to be.  "I have to get on the treadmill, I have to get on the treadmill...."!  One thing about me.... when I get my eye on the ball, I'm watching it come all the way in  - no matter what.

I think all of this right-brain training I've been using is paying off in more ways than just helping me move through IT band pain (a lot of it was all in my head and it took time to figure that out!).  Rather than get angry with myself, I got creative!   Got elastic headbands? It's not pretty, it would chaffe my back after about 10 miles, but good enough for short runs. A little flexibility goes a long way...  (pun intended). :-)

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